The group is passionate about organic gardening as the only true sustainable way to ensure the health of our communities and environment.

What we do?

As a gardening club we…

  • Are an educational charity promoting organic living and growing
  • Allow members to exchange ideas and experience to grow healthy plants organically
  • Have a monthly programme of talks and entertainment
  • Run a Seed Swap
  • Hold 2 Plant Swaps
  • Support local schools to grow and eat organically
  • Visit local events such as Whitchurch Potato Day
  • Provide information
10 reasons to go organic

Why we believe in organic

  1. It tastes better
  2. It is healthy
  3. It is safe
  4. Animals are healthier and happier
  5. More wildlife and biodiversity
  6. Can feed the world
  7. Planet friendly
  8. Resilient to climate change
  9. Non polluting
  10. Stores more carbon
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